A CONSERVATIVES bid to unseat the SNP leader of Glasgow city council today with a motion of no confidence has fallen at the first hurdle.

The Glasgow Tory group released a statement suggesting a vote was to be taken on Susan Aitken's position today.

As the Glasgow Times reports, they accuse the council leader of having "completely failed to listen to concerns about the state of Glasgow's rubbish-strewn streets".

However, the move has fallen at the first hurdle, with Lord Provost Phil Braat ruling the motion incompetent. 

Responding to the news, Glasgow Tories leader Thomas Kerr said: "Disappointed that Lord Provost has ruled this motion as 'not competent'.

"Susan Aitken and the SNP may hide behind procedural rulings to avoid scrutiny but the Glasgow Tories won't back down.

"Others may jurk from their responsibility to hold the Glasgow SNP accountable, we won't."

It is understood the motion was put in the form of a standing order, which does not provide for motions of no confidence, resulting in the Lord Provost's decision.

Ms Aitken was blasted by opposition politicians following an interview on STV, where she admitted Glasgow was in need of a "spruce up" ahead of COP26. 


Asked directly if she agreed the streets were “filthy”, the SNP council leader replied: “I don’t think that everywhere in the city is filthy."

A statement released on social media by Conservative group councillors read: "Glasgow needs fresh leadership. That is why the Glasgow Conservatives believe it is the right time to table this no confidence motion, ahead of the eyes of the world being on our city as world leaders arrive for COP26.

"Most Glaswegians would be embarrassed at welcoming world leaders and other dignitaries, including the Queen and the Pope, to our city while it is so filthy."

Glasgow city council has repeatedly insisted have increased in real terms in recent years. 

A council spokesman said: "The Lord Provost ruled that he would not accept a late material change to the motion.”