Today marks seven years since the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.

In a special version of Voices Live, The Herald's subscriber-exclusive home for snap analysis and comment from experts across Scotland, the chiefs of the Yes Scotland and Better Together campaigns have given their thoughts on the last few years, and where they believe the union is headed.

Blair McDougall, who successfully secured a No result in his role as head strategist to the Better Together campaign, says the people of Scotland are stopping Scotland's exit from the UK - not Boris Johnson.

He writes: "If there were answers, we’d have heard them by now. There aren’t.

"Little wonder Sturgeon wants the debate to be about the right to hold a referendum rather than her responsibility to be honest about the cuts and chaos she would have us choose."

And Blair Jenkins, chief executive of Yes Scotland, believes any divisions on the Yes side will quickly heal once a date for a referendum is set. 

He writes: "The new debate isn’t really underway yet.

"The full case for independence is missing at the moment because the Scottish government has rightly been focused on getting through the pandemic and paving the way for recovery."

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