NEW LAWS are to ensure all tips are paid directly to staff rather than employers choosing what to do with the money.

The UK Government has announced it will introduce measures to ensure hospitality employees receive all of their tips, and crack down on "shameful" practices of some workplaces.

Around 2 million people across the UK will be helped by the measures, the UK Government claims, working across leisure, hospitality and services industries.

The plans will also make it illegal for companies to pocket tips rather than share them with staff, and workers could take employment tribunal proceedings if they do not.

Labour Markets Minister Paul Scully said: “Unfortunately, some companies choose to withhold cash from hardworking staff who have been tipped by customers as a reward for good service.

“Our plans will make this illegal and ensure tips will go to those who worked for it. This will provide a boost to workers in pubs, cafes and restaurants across the country, while reassuring customers their money is going to those who deserve it.”

Part of the incentive for the legislation stems from the increased use of cards for tipping in restaurants and venues, rather than the traditional cash method.

Around 80% of tips are now paid by card.

This change, according to research, has resulted in employers keeping more of their workers' tips than previously.

The new laws will allow workers to request information on their employer's tipping record, and will be able to take forward a tribunal case if tips are being withheld.