A TORY frontbench MSP has blamed his confusing gaffe over vaccine passport exemptions on having “absolutely no idea what the new rules are”.

Jamie Greene, was instantly disarmed by the First Minister after claiming that he had been contacted by a wedding venue which is expecting guests from China, who would be unable to provide proof of vaccination status.

Weddings had been ruled as an exemption under the original plans by the Scottish Government.

Speaking at First Minister's Questions, Mr Greene said: “Just as we’ve been sitting here listening to the exchange about vaccine passports, I have been contacted by a hospitality venue in the Highlands who says that they host weddings. There’s one tomorrow night actually.

“He understands that all guests will need to provide evidence of two vaccinations to be allowed in – there's music, there’s dancing and all the rest.

“Some of the guests are family members and they’re over from China. Will they be allowed in?”

But in response, Ms Sturgeon simply said: “As we have made clear, weddings are exempt from the vaccine certification scheme.”

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After First Minister's Questions, Mr Greene took to Twitter to explain his gaffe – insisting it was down to the confusing rules.

He said: “Unfortunately many venues such as restaurants, hotels and pubs have absolutely no idea what the new rules are! (Hence the question).

“These rules are bonkers. I’m being flooded by enquiries with specific scenarios about what is allowed or not allowed, who will be allowed in or not, and how are they to enforce.

“So far we’ve gleaned that weddings are exempt, but not venues which have music, alcohol and dancing.”