With the highly-anticipated COP26 UN climate summit around the corner, The Herald is delighted to announce our second series of investigations with The Ferret - this time to answer the question: How Green is Scotland?

From big-name polluters to Scotland’s most deteriorating rivers and lochs, The Herald’s exclusive, week-long investigation kicks off on Tuesday, October 19, to answer some of the crucial questions in the ongoing climate crisis.

Hot off the back of the successful ‘Who Runs Scotland?’ series in July, no stone will be left unturned in The Herald and The Ferret’s joint bid to uncover wrongdoing, stimulate debate, and generate discussion.

Our exclusive 'How Green is Scotland' will only be available to our subscribers. Take advantage of our £2 for two months deal to access the entire investigation.

Expect ground-breaking exclusives, in-depth analysis, and interactive content – as well as regular live videos, giving you the chance to speak directly with the award-winning reporters behind the stories.

The investigation will run over six days, from Tuesday, October 19 to Sunday, October 14, taking a deep-dive into air pollution, biodiversity and climate change targets.

Editor-in-chief of The Herald, Donald Martin, said: “As the eyes of the world turn to Scotland for COP26, it is important we take a closer look at how green we are as a nation and highlight our successes and failures.

“This major investigation in partnership with The Ferret is insightful, revealing and importantly sets the agenda for the debates we need to have and the challenges we need to overcome.”

Rob Edwards, co-founder and director of The Ferret, added: “Since we started six years ago, The Ferret has investigated and exposed environmental problems and their impacts on the people of Scotland and beyond.

Read our last investigation, 'Who Runs Scotland?', where we uncovered the people and organisations with significant influence over so many aspects of our lives. 

“Now, as the world turns its attention to Glasgow through COP26, these stories are more vital than ever.

“In How Green is Scotland, our journalists reveal how Scotland’s environment is suffering. Big companies break the rules, our air and water is polluted, our wildlife is depleted and our climate targets are missed. We also talk to those with ideas on what needs to be done.

“As with our previous series, Who Runs Scotland, it has been a pleasure to work with The Herald holding power to account by shining a light on issues important to people in Scotland. We look forward to sharing How Green is Scotland in the hope it will help us all move towards a better future.”