SCOTTISH Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie has sent out a warning that there will be a threat to LGBTQ+ rights if an attack to "destroy" Stonewall is successful.

The Scottish Government minister added his voice to the debate surrounding the charity which has been facing criticism over its influence on public policy. 

Journalist Stephen Nolan has launched a series of podcasts on ⁦BBC Sounds investigating the influence of Stonewall on public institutions - including ⁦Ofcom and the BBC. 

It comes as number of high profile organisations have left Stonewall's schemes in recent months. 

Patrick Harvie joined in on the 'I stand with Stonewall' hashtag on Thursday night. 


He said on Twitter: "If the campaign to destroy Stonewall is successful, don't kid yourself it will end there.

"This will eventually threaten every organisation, community group, and campaign which has struggled for decades to achieve LGBTQ+ human rights."

Harvie has said that those attacking Stonewall are mobilising around an "opportunistic hate campaign" specifically targeted against trans and non-binary people.

Debate has been highly publicised around gender identity in recent months. 

The Scottish Government is currently planning to reform the law to make is quicker and easier for trans people to change their gender in the eyes of the law, reducing the time period from two years to six months and ending the need for a medical diagnosis.

Critics say the switch to a self-ID system could be abused by men seeking access to women-only spaces such as changing rooms, prisons and refuges.

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