FORMER US President Barack Obama is coming to Glasgow for COP26, it has been confirmed.

The 44th President will meet youth activists and address the threat of the climate crisis, as one of 13 high-level officials and cabinet members from the White House attending the summit.

It comes as President Joe Biden confirmed on Thursday that he will attend the opening of the conference after participating in the G20 summit in Rome.

Hannah Hankins, spokeswoman for President Obama, said: "He will lay out the important progress made in the five years since the Paris Agreement took effect, highlight the leadership of young people around the globe, and urge more robust action going forward by all of us - governments, the private sector, philanthropy, and civil society”.

More than 100 heads of state are expected to attend the conference, which takes place from October 31 to November 12, along with representatives from around 200 countries.

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Confirmation of President Biden’s attendance has re-ignited suggestion that major motorway closures between cities could come to fruition.

It’s thought that parts of the M8 are set to be shut with the world leaders who are staying in Edinburgh travelling to Glasgow.

Both President Biden and the Queen will be staying in the capital and last week it was reported that the Police Scotland were informed of protest on J19 of the M8.

The protest has sparked security fears as the junction is dedicated for VIPs who will be escorted off the motorway to the Clyde Expressway, which is reserved for COP26 traffic.

It is not yet clear where President Obama will be staying.

It was originally thought that Pope Francis would also be attending the summit, however he has since confirmed he will not be travelling to Glasgow.