World leaders are gathering in Glasgow today for a summit at the start of the crunch UN COP26 climate conference.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who will welcome leaders to Glasgow for the Cop26 talks, will tell them that humanity has “long since run down the clock on climate change” and must act now to tackle the crisis.

Who is in Glasgow for COP26 today?

Around 120 heads of state and government are set to attend the world leaders’ summit at the start of the Cop26 talks, where countries are under pressure to increase action in the next decade to tackle dangerous warming.

The Prince of Wales, who is addressing leaders at an opening ceremony for the talks alongside Mr Johnson, is expected to stress the urgency of action – calling for the world to be on a “war-like footing”.

US President Joe Biden, European leaders and India’s Narendra Modi are among those attending the talks, although the heads of key major economies including China’s Xi Jinping and Russian president Vladimir Putin will not be there.

What is happening at COP26 today?

According to the official COP26 schedule, the following is planned for today:

Opening Ceremony

"World Leaders are invited to an Opening Ceremony, hosted by the UK Prime Minister, to welcome them to the World Leaders Summit of COP26.

"The ceremony features creative and cultural moments. It will be a significant, symbolic and impactful moment, putting climate action on the global stage."



National Statements

"Leaders from across the world will come together in Glasgow to give national statements throughout Monday and Tuesday.

"This is an opportunity for leaders to set out the ambitious actions that they are taking domestically and internationally, and to send a clear message to ministers, negotiators and observers to work together in Glasgow to accelerate urgent action this decade."

Leaders' Event

"The next decade is critical to increase ambition to keep 1.5°C in reach and adapt to the impact of climate change. Across mitigation, adaptation and finance, COP26 must be a turning point. Global leaders will come together to show that ambition and discuss what must be done to deliver on the goals of the Paris Agreement.

"The leaders will hear the latest scientific reporting and examine the state of progress, hearing success stories, but also what is at stake for countries across the world if we do not take action, together, now."