AN SNP MP has apologised after an "appalling" tweet regarding suicide and Tory sleaze. 

In a post on Twitter, Kirsty Blackman wrote: "Missed your bus because your wife committed suicide and so you were two minutes late to your job centre appointment? - SANCTIONED.

“Lobby the Government on behalf of companies who pay you £9k a month? oh, you poor lamb, no sanction for you."


The post came following days of turmoil in Westminster over the sanctions planned for Tory MP Owen Paterson, whose wife took her own life while he was being investigated for paid lobbying.

Mr Paterson has linked the stress of the investigation to his wife's death, and yesterday resigned as an MP.

He also said prior to Ms Blackman's tweet that he had been shocked by MPs behaviour and accused them of "mocking" his wife Rose's death. 

Ms Blackman deleted the tweet hours later, and has now apologised.

She wrote: "After some reflection, I have deleted a tweet I made earlier. I offer my unreserved apologies for tweeting it, particularly to anyone who may have been upset or offended. I’m sorry"

People were quick to call out the message, saying it was "appalling" and the MP should be ashamed.