NICOLA Sturgeon has admitted some of her own government’s targets on tackling climate change are “meaningless” as they haven’t been met.

On Tuesday, the First Minister told COP26 that although the Scottish Government had missed a series of carbon reduction targets, stretching goals were better than easy ones.

However addressing young people as part of Youth and Public Empowerment Day at the Glasgow climate summit today, Ms Sturgeon was far blunter.

Promising to do all she could to deliver tangible results, she said: “We must step up and we must deliver for you because failure to do that, frankly, is not an option.”

Appearing on stage alongside COP26 President Alok Sharma, Ms Sturgeon promised she would lead by example as it was “make or break” time.

She said: “Scotland has already set the targets that are consistent with the Paris goals [on net zero]. That’s good, but that is not enough.

“Targets that are not delivered are meaningless. So our responsibility now is to meet those targets.

“So I promise you we will accelerate as far and as fast as we can that transition away from fossil fuels.

"In Scotland’s case that is oil and gas, and prioritise investment in clean, green, renewable energy.

“There’s no excuse. We have an abundance of renewable energy potential. We must make sure we fully utilise that.”

She also promised to help decarbonise domestic heating, transport, food production, and vowed to protect the natural environment in Scotland and its carbon sinks.

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She said the Scottish Government would put justice at the heart of its efforts, citing the recent launch of a loss and damage fund to help the global south - a recognition of Scotland’s historic contribution to climate change as a cradle of the industrial revolution.

The First Minister said she would also press for greater government accountability, so that the encouraging progress announced so far at COP26 was translated into results.

In closing comments that were applauded by her audience, she said: “We need to continue to shift the power dynamic in discussions like this away from those who have the greatest vested interests in slowing progress towards those who have the greater interest in accelerating progress. It is about putting the voice of youth centre stage.

“Thank you for being the conscience of this summit. Thank you for raising your voice, and keep putting pressure on people like us to make sure that your voice is heard.”

Scotland has missed its targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the last three years as it tries to reach net zero by 2045, with cut of 75 per cent due by 2030.

The latest reported target was 55% by 2019, but only 51.5% was achieved.

At FMQs yesterday, Ms Sturgeon said the Government was on track to hit the 2045 net zero target but it would not be easy or taken for granted.

She said: “It is right that we are ambitious. The target of a 75% reduction by 2030 was a decision of Parliament, and I would rather that this Parliament was said to be overambitious than under-ambitious, because that charge could be levelled at too many Governments around the negotiating table at COP.”