EXTINCTION Rebellion climate activists have conducted a funeral ceremony for Cop26 in Glasgow over its “failure and stupidity”.

Protesters calling themselves red and blue rebels led a procession across Church Lane Bridge, known locally as The Bridge of Sighs, to Glasgow Necropolis on Saturday.

The activists laid down next to rows of individual “headstones” while others walked between them and performed grief poses.

The blue rebels carried a person cloaked in a black robe labelled “Cop26”, who was lowered to the ground while a piper played laments, including Flowers Of The Forest.

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An Extinction Rebellion spokesperson said that Cop26 is the culmination of a failed process.

An XR member from the Isle of Barra identified only as Karen said: “We are here grieving for a planet that has been sacrificed by the failure and stupidity of Cop26.

“The bare minimum needed from Cop26 were commitments to leaving oil in the ground and an immediate halt to fossil fuel funding.

“Anything less than that is idiocy.

“As intelligent life on this planet we are already extinct. We know exactly what we need to do and we’re not doing it.”

Cathy Allen, from XR Oxford, said: “At just over one degree of warming many communities are already being displaced by floods, drought and loss of land.

“To continue deliberately heating up the planet for pointless profit will soon displace hundreds of millions.

“This is no accident – it is a heinous and barbarous crime against humanity.

“We are especially in mourning for the global south and those on the frontline communities who will suffer the most but have done the least to cause this crisis.

“Cop26 has failed them.

“It has failed all of us.”