VAL McDermid has rocked the world of Scottish football with her explosive comments over Raith Rovers' signing of David Goodwillie. The crime writer and lifelong fan has ended her association with the club in protest at the Fifers signing of Goodwillie, who has previously been branded a rapist in a civil court.

The 66-year-old has been the club’s shirt sponsor since 2014 but has withdrawn that as of next season. She said on twitter: “I have this morning ended my lifelong support of Raith Rovers over the signing of David Goodwillie.

“This shatters any claim to be a community or family club. His presence at Stark’s Park is a stain on the club. I’ll be tearing up my season ticket too. This is a heartbreaker for me and many other fans.”

The story, coming on the back of the weekend's arrest of Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood, following rape and assault allegations, is more bad publicity for football.

But it illustrates how far society has changed over the last decade or so. The boys will be boys mentality of the game, that critics say is too tolerant of toxic attitudes, is no longer acceptable to society at large.

It says something deeply worrying about football's attitudes that Val McDermid warned the club not to sign Goodwillie in December and they decided to go ahead in a move of staggering arrogance.

Tone deaf doesn't even start to describe the decision by Raith Rovers. Today, many people will be wondering what just what century the club's bosses think they are living in.