The Defence Secretary has hit out at Russian "dirty tricks" after receiving a phonecall from an “imposter” claiming to be the Ukrainian Prime Minister.  

Mr Wallace revealed on social media that he had been contacted by someone asking “misleading questions” and pretending to be Denys Shmyhal.

The Home Secretary Priti Patel later said she too had been contacted by fraudsters, saying: "This also happened to me earlier this week. Pathetic attempt at such difficult times to divide us. We stand with Ukraine."

Mr Wallace said it was a “desperate attempt” to distract from Vladimir Putin’s abuses in Ukraine, and said: "Today an attempt was made by an imposter claiming to be Ukrainian PM to speak with me.

"He posed several misleading questions and after becoming suspicious I terminated the call.

"No amount of Russian disinformation, distortion and dirty tricks can distract from Russia's human rights abuses and illegal invasion of Ukraine. A desperate attempt.”

An MoD source later confirmed Mr Wallace had ordered an inquiry into how the impersonator was able to get through to him. 

Earlier today the Defence Secretary confirmed the UK would deploy weapons and soldiers to Poland to help protect the country from Russian attacks.

He said the UK would deploy a a medium-range missile system and 100 personnel to Poland to “protect her airspace from any further aggression by Russia”.

Speaking on a visit to Warsaw, Mr Wallace said Poland – which is taking the brunt of refugees fleeing Ukraine after the country’s invasion by Russia – is a “very old ally”.

He added: “It is very right that Britain stands by Poland as Poland carries much of the burden of the consequence of this war and stands tall and brave to stand up to the threats from Russia.”

The announcement comes as Nato pledged to send more troops to defend its eastern flank, and just days after Russian missiles struck a military base in Yavoriv, Ukraine, a few miles from the border with Poland.