A GAS generating firm has donated £200,000 to both Scottish Labour and the Scottish Lib Dems to oppose the SNP at Holyrood.

Peak Scientific handed over the six figure sums to help the parties present their alternative visions to voters.

The development emerges just weeks after Anas Sarwar told The Herald that a fundraising drive by his party saw it raise £1 million in donations last year - up from just £250 in the 12 months before he was elected.

Headquartered in Inchinnan, Renfrewshire, Peak Scientific describes itself as a “leading innovator and global expert” in hydrogen and nitrogen gas generator systems. The company has offices throughout the world, including in the US, Spain and Italy.

On its website the company states: "Peak Gas Generation is a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and support of high-performance oxygen and nitrogen gas generators for analytical laboratories and manufacturing and processing industries."

It says Peak Scientific was established in the UK in 1997 near Glasgow where the company corporate headquarters and high-tech manufacturing and research and development facilities are based.

The company's website adds: "With nearly two decades of experience in pioneering highly efficient and reliable gas generator technology, Peak develops market-leading nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and zero air systems for the analytical research fields of LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) and GC (Gas Chromatography), as well as larger scale industrial applications in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, chemicals, electronics, metals, plastics, rubbers and many more.

"Our forte is in providing our customers with high quality, dependable gas generation solutions tailored to meet their specific operational demands, along with our world-class aftercare and technical support, which is provided throughout the generator’s lifespan, regardless of where our customers are based in the world."

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Peak Scientific has made a number of donations in recent years to pro-UK parties, including the Tories, but its latest contributions are to the parties that ran the Government in Scotland between 1999 and 2007.

The new donations were made via parent company Dusty TLP Ltd, it is reported.

A spokesman for Peak Scientific told the Daily Record:  “We have made political donations to a number of parties over the years.

"We feel it is important that current opposition parties are well funded so they can positively communicate their plans for improving public services in Scotland by maximising the potential of the powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament.”

Scottish Lib Dem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said: “I would like to thank Peak Scientific for their support. This donation is a massive vote of confidence in the party, my leadership and our prospects for growth across Scotland. Scotland has been held back by an SNP government obsessed with breaking up the UK.

“It’s up to the Liberal Democrats and progressive allies to set out a vision for a Scotland with strong public services, a commitment to public education and a platform for businesses to flourish. That’s how to get the SNP out of power.

"Peak Scientific’s donation will enable us to take a liberal message of new hope and partnership to all parts of Scotland, recruit and support excellent local candidates and develop the party’s political agenda over the next couple of years.

He added: “It is no secret that I get on well with Anas Sarwar. While there are obviously areas where we disagree, we both recognise the value of working with others and the need for fresh government in Scotland after 15 years of decline due to the stale, tired SNP.”

A Scottish Labour spokesman said: “We are grateful for any donations which help us offer Scotland an alternative to the division and chaos of the SNP and the Tories. Scottish Labour are fighting to build a better future for Scotland, and we welcome everyone joining us on that journey.

"On May 5 you can vote Scottish Labour to elect a local champion who will put your community first and fight for the issues that matter to you.”