THE Scottish Government is today launching the first in a new series of papers that will form an “updated independence prospectus” ahead of a planned second referendum.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, as well as Greens co-leader and Government minister Patrick Harive, will unveil the first of documents in the Building a New Scotland series.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the announcement.

What time is Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement?

Sturgeon and Harvie will address the nation from Bute House in Edinburgh on Tuesday, June 14.

The statement is scheduled to begin at around 11am.

Where can I watch Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement?

The statement will be live-streamed by the Scottish Government Twitter account.

What do we know already?

The new documents are seen as an update on the independence white paper published in the run-up to the 2014 referendum.

The First Minister says they will “set out openly the challenges a newly independent Scotland would face”, but will also “point the way” to a wealthier, fairer and more resilient nation.

She explained that while “having the full powers of independence does not guarantee a better future” for Scotland, it is “striking just how successful” countries that are similar to Scotland are in comparison with the UK.

Such nations, Sturgeon said, “can help point the way to a new Scotland that is wealthier and fairer, more resilient and better placed to help people with issues such as the cost of living crisis than a UK Government committed to a hard Brexit whatever the cost”.


Speaking ahead of the launch of the first paper, the SNP leader added: “The Building a New Scotland series will set out openly the challenges a newly independent Scotland would face, how they could be overcome as well as the opportunities that come with independence – as demonstrated by the success of comparable independent nations as well as our own resources and talents.”

Sturgeon has repeatedly made clear she wants a referendum before the end of 2023. The Scottish Government faces a constitutional showdown with Downing Street, which has repeatedly insisted it will not grant a Section 30 order to pave the way for a second vote.

What’s the reaction been like?

Opposition MSPs however insisted the Scottish Government should be more focused on issues such as the cost of living crisis.

Scottish Conservative constitution spokesman Donald Cameron accused the First Minister of “recklessly pressing ahead with her obsession”. He added: “This is nothing short of shameful when the country is facing so many momentous challenges.”

Labour constitution spokeswoman Sarah Boyack said that while people were “struggling to put food on the table during the worst cost of living crisis in a decade” the SNP and Greens were focusing on “their constitutional obsession”.

Scottish LibDem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton was also critical of the SNP and Greens, claiming: “They care more about their independence obsession than everyone stuck on the longest NHS waiting lists in history, the cost of living crisis or the climate emergency. Nobody believes education is Nicola Sturgeon’s top priority any more.”

Top voices from the independence movement have also weighed in. Lesley Riddoch, Kevin McKenna, Pat Kane, Stuart Cosgrove and the Wee Ginger Dug have all given us their take.