PROTESTERS from Extinction Rebellion have superglued themselves around the Speaker's chair in the House of Commons.

The climate activists are demanding a Citizens' assembly to bring together "ordinary people to investigate, discuss and make recommendations on how to respond to the climate emergency."

As well as the activists in the chamber, two others used bike locks to attach themselves to the gate outside the building.

The Herald:

Another member of the group climbed up the scaffolding around Big Ben and to unfurl a giant banner with the words ‘Let The People Decide- Citizens’ Assemblies Now”.

The Herald:

The climate group said everyone inside had used a tourist booking to enter the building legally.

In a statement, Alanna Byrne of Extinction Rebellion explained why they were calling for a citizens' assembly: “It is possible to change things and update politics so it really represents ordinary people.

"Independent citizens’ assemblies can show that those blocking progress in Westminster have no democratic mandate to continue destroying the environment and give power back to people.

"Selected like a jury and supported with independent, expert knowledge, this is true democracy that reflects the diversity of the population. 


“But to create a new, fairer politics will require first thousands, then millions of us. It will require sustained culture-shifting civil disobedience until we become impossible to ignore.

"Then, when there’s enough of us, positive change will become inevitable.”


Parliament is in recess, and most MPs will be away from the building until next Monday.

A House of Commons spokesperson said: "We are aware of an incident on the Parliamentary Estate and are currently dealing with the situation as a matter of urgency."