PROTESTERS calling for Scotland to be a republic booed the Lord Lyon King of Arms during the Edinburgh Proclamation to mark King Charles's ascension to the throne. 

Hundreds gathered around the Mercat Cross in the capital for the ceremony involving councillors and heralds and pursuivants of Scotland.

As the Lord Lyon King of Arms ended his proclamation by saying “God save the King,” there were audible boos. 

However, most in the crowd joined in with the official, shouting “God save the King” back at him.

The national anthem was then sung by the crowd, after which a group of people could be heard calling for a republic.

The Scottish campaign group Our Republic had earlier "encouraged" those with objections to the proclamations to "make those clear."

On Twitter, the groups said they were initially detained on suspicion of 'breach of the peace' but eventually released without charge.

The Scottish Community & Activist Legal Project later accused the police of being "heavy-handed."

One anti-monarchy protester, holding a sign reading, “F*** imperialism, abolish the monarchy” was arrested. 

Police appeared and then took her away moments later, and the crowd began to applaud.

Others however questioned the decision.

One man shouted: “Let her go! It’s free speech!” while others shouted: “Have some respect.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "A 22-year-old woman was arrested outside St. Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh on Sunday, 11 September, 2022 in connection with a breach of the peace."

The Herald: PAPA (Image: PA)

The proclamation was followed by a 21-gun salute from the city’s castle moments later.

There were similar ceremonies across the UK, following on from yesterday's Principal Proclamation at St James’s yesterday.

The Norroy and Ulster King of Arms Robert Noel has read the proclamation of the new King to the people of Northern Ireland at Hillsborough Castle.

While the Wales Herald of Arms Extraordinary, Tom Lloyd, and the Lord-Lieutenant of South Glamorgan, Morfudd Meredith, have read the proclamation of the new King in English and Welsh to the people of Wales at Cardiff Castle.