A prominent union leader has compared the Conservative government to Shrek villain Lord Farquaad following controversial new fiscal proposals.

Liz Truss' new government has announced swingeing tax cuts, to be funded by borrowing, which critics say benefit the richest in society while doing very little for the poor.

That's led to one union leader comparing the government to the out-of-touch and callous Lord Farquaad, who sends his subjects off on a mission with the words "some of you may die, but that is a risk I'm willing to take".

Speaking on Times Radio Christine McAnea, General Secretary of the Unison union said: "I think this gamble is just a huge risk. But the sad thing is, it's not just the risk for the Conservatives, it's a risk for  the entire country. And yeah, it's just shocking.

"I've been told not to do this, but I'm going to do it. In the movie Shrek, Lord Farquaad in it says something, I'm going to paraphrase, he says 'some of you will get very poor, but that's a risk I'm prepared to take.' And that's what I think, that's what they're doing.

"They don't care that most people in this country will not benefit from this.

"They're prepared to just do it because they want to look after their friends, their colleagues, the people that actually gave Liz Truss the money to fund a campaign that's who they're repaying now. Not this country."

Labour politicians have been non-commital on the idea of giving wage rises to public sector workers in line with inflation, with a number of industries taking strike action over pay.

Asked if the party should give a straight answer on the issue McAnea said: "Well, I wish they would, but I kind of understand why, you know, they, they are trying to be our government and waiting. And certainly we want them to be the next government.

"But I think they can definitely demonstrate that they're a lot more careful of the country's finances than than what we've currently got. And I honestly, I think it's utterly shocking that none of this stuff or very little of it was in the Conservative manifesto in 2019.

"Quite frankly, she should go to the country, look at the courage of their convictions, less stress and Kwasi kwarteng should should go to the country with this and call a new election."