A SCOTTISH Tory MP has called on Liz Truss to bring leadership rival Rishi Sunak back into her Cabinet.

Ms Truss defeated Mr Sunak in the Conservative party leadership contest, securing more votes from Tory members to become Prime Minister ahead of the former chancellor.

But with Ms Truss’s authority and leadership under-threat from frustrated Tory MPs, the Prime Minister has been urged to bring Mr Sunak back into the fold after she named Jeremy Hunt as her new Chancellor on Friday.

Tory MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, Andrew Bowie, who backed Mr Sunak in the leadership contest, has pleaded with the Prime Minister to draft the former chancellor back into her top team.

Speaking to Times Radio, Mr Bowie said: “I think that if we are going to bring the party back together, govern in the national interest and go on to do good things as a Government (we must) demonstrate the ability to reach out across the divide within the party.

“That means having the best brains and the best talents within Government – that includes, obviously, Rishi Sunak.”

He added: “(Liz Truss) has demonstrated she can do that last week by bringing Jeremy Hunt back into the fold.

“I really hope there’s a place for Rishi Sunak moving forward because if we are going to demonstrate we can do good things for the British people that means the best people in the best jobs, and without doubt that’s Rishi as well.”

Tory MP Victoria Atkins has confirmed that Ms Truss will be meeting the One Nation group of centrist Conservatives at their next conference, and referred to her as being Prime Minister “at the moment”.

She told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “She is coming to the One Nation caucus.

“We do our very best and are a very warm, welcoming audience for Cabinet ministers, and at the forefront of our minds will be asking her questions as to how she intends to emphasise our compassionate Conservative principles that have won us elections since 2010.”

Asked whether she wants Ms Truss to lead the Conservatives into the next general election, Ms Atkins said: “She is the Prime Minister at the moment, we will not have an election for the next few years.

“I want her to get us back on to the right track, I want her to reiterate our concerns for our constituents and for compassionate One Nation values.”

Asked again if she wants Ms Truss to lead the Conservatives into the next election, Ms Atkins said: “If she’s able to bring those values to the fore then I’m very happy for her to do that.”