Rishi Sunak has been issued with a “conditional offer of fixed penalty” by Lancashire Constabulary for failing to wear a seatbelt while filming a social media clip in the back of a moving car.

It is the second time the Prime Minister has received a fine from police.

Last year, he paid a fixed-penalty notice for attending Boris Johnson's surprise birthday party during the “partygate” scandal.

Drivers and passengers over the age of 14 caught not wearing their seatbelts can be fined up to £500. 

According to the AA, 20 per cent of people killed in car accidents were not wearing seatbelts.

“No matter who you are it is important to wear your seatbelt when in the car,” an AA spokesman said.

A spokesperson for No 10 confirmed that Prime Minister would pay the penalty and "accepts this was a mistake". 

In the clip, recorded for Instagram, police motorbikes can be seen escorting Mr Sunak's car.

In a statement, the force said: "You will be aware that a video has been circulating on social media showing an individual failing to wear a seatbelt while a passenger in a moving car in Lancashire.

"After looking into this matter, we have today (Friday, January 20) issued a 42-year-old man from London with a conditional offer of fixed penalty."

Earlier, A Downing Street spokesman said “of course” the Prime Minister does not believe anyone is above the law, adding that he “believes it is important for people to wear their seatbelt”.

They said it was "a brief error of judgment."

Mr Sunak “fully accepts this was a mistake and apologises”, the spokesman added.

“The Prime Minister believes everyone should wear a seatbelt,” the spokesman said.

“It was an error of judgment, he removed it for a short period of time to film a clip, which you’ve seen, but he accepts that was a mistake.”

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