DOUGLAS Ross has come under attack for his statement on Nicola Sturgeon's resignation.

The criticism of the Scottish Tory leader's comments was made by one of his former frontbench MSP - Adam Tomkins - who said his words lacked class.

Mr Tomkins, a Herald columnist, compared Mr Ross's statement to that of Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar, which he described as "classy".

The Glasgow University law professor tweeted: "I’ve just read both Anas Sarwar’s and Douglas Ross’s statements reacting to Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation. One is classy; the other so entirely devoid of class it could be a parody. (If only it were.) Well done Anas Sarwar."

In his statement today Mr Ross said: “Whatever our differences, it is right we recognise that political leadership is always demanding and takes its toll on a person and their family.

"I am glad Nicola Sturgeon has recognised this is the right time to go. 
"However, at this time, we cannot ignore that she has presided over a decade of division and decay in Scotland.

“Instead of trying to unite the country in the wake of the 2014 referendum, Nicola Sturgeon refused to accept the result. Her entire tenure as First Minister has been characterised by relentless agitating for another vote on separation – governing in her party’s interests, rather than Scotland’s.

“As a result, Scotland has been in a state of constitutional paralysis ever since – divided and unable to move on from the Groundhog Day of 2014 and its toxic legacy, despite the wish of the majority of Scots to do just that.

 “The SNP Government now needs to use this opportunity to focus on the Scottish people’s real priorities, especially the cost-of-living crisis, supporting our NHS and rebuilding our public services.”

Mr Sarwar said: "Nicola Sturgeon has led Scotland through some of the most challenging times in our history. It is right that today we pay tribute to those achievements, particularly during the pandemic.

"Regardless of our differences, she is an able politician who has stood at the forefront of Scottish politics for more than 20 years. On a human level that is worthy of respect and thanks.

"To lead your country for almost a decade is a political achievement that secures her place in history. 

"While we have disagreed passionately about what is best for our people, I have never for a moment doubted her passion for Scotland. 

"All too often it is easy to forget that those on the frontline of our politics carry a heavy burden - not only for themselves but for their friends and families. 

"I - and my entire party - wish her the best in whatever she does next. "But our country, now more than ever, requires a politics focussed on delivering the change Scotland needs - by uniting Scotland and not dividing it. 

"It is clear that Scotland needs new ideas and new passion to make our country the best place to grow up and grow old in. 

"Labour will aspire to win the confidence of the public - and be the change that Scotland needs."