SNP leadership hopeful Humza Yousaf has said he is willing to “compromise” on the plans for a National Care Service if he becomes the next first minister. 

The legislation - which he introduced in Holyrood last June -  will see the government set up ‘care boards’ directly accountable to the Scottish Ministers who will take on functions and staff that are currently managed and run by local authorities and health boards.

Criticism of the Bill has been mounting in recent months, with MSPs, councils, unions and organisations and carer’s charities all calling for a pause. 

Earlier this month, groups representing staff and users of the new service said the legislation needed “significantly more time.”

One of Mr Yousaf’s rivals in the race, Ash Regan has already vowed to “immediately pause” the service if she succeeds Nicola Sturgeon. 

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Speaking to Holyrood magazine, Mr Yousaf said he was “willing to work with those who oppose the current plan to see if there are some areas where we could compromise.”

The Glasgow Pollok MSP said he would be laying out policy plans in the next few days.

“We’re talking about issues that really matter to people like the cost-of-living crisis and how to grow the economy. [It’s about] what we need to accelerate and what we need to slow down,” he said.

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Labour’s Jackie Baillie said it was a “welcome u-turn” from the Health Secretary.

She said: “After months of denying that there is any issue with this botched bill, it is encouraging to hear that Mr Yousaf has finally heeded the calls made by Scottish Labour, Cosla, the trade union movement, care providers, carers and those receiving care.

“With Humza Yousaf now the second leadership candidate to admit that there are issues with this bill, it is all too clear that it should be paused and redesigned in consultation with stakeholders.

“It’s time for a clean break from Nicola Sturgeon’s failed National Care Service Bill.” 

Scottish Lib Dem Alex Cole-Hamilton said it was “little wonder that Humza Yousaf is open to compromises to try and keep this doomed project alive.”

He added: "Tinkering around the edge does not change the fact that this is still a ministerial power grab to create a billion pound bureaucracy and take power away from local communities. The legislation needs to be scrapped, not salvaged.

"The money being devoted to this centralisation of social care would be far better spent on frontline services and staff who are firefighting on every shift."