SUPPORT for the SNP and independence has taken a huge knock following Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation, according to a new poll.

The monthly tracker by Redfield & Wilton Strategies has No leading Yes by nine points.

The consultancy firm has support for remaining in the UK at 51 per cent, up six points since November.

Yes is now at 42%, down seven points in the last four months.

The poll found 11% of voters are less likely to vote for independence following the First Minister's resignation. However, 13% say her decision to go makes them more likely to back independence.

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On timing, 34% want a referendum in the next year, down 12 points, while 37% would support a vote being held in the next five years.

When voters are asked who they would vote for if a UK General Election were held tomorrow, the SNP is on 39% down two points from last year and six points from the 2019 vote.

They are still ten points ahead of Labour. However, Keir Starmer's party are up ten points to 29%. At the 2019 election, they came third. 

The Conservatives are on 22%, the Lib Dems on 6%, and the Greens on 2%.

At Holyrood, the SNP are registering 40% on the constituency vote, down eight from last year’s election. On the list, they are on 29% down a staggering 11 points from the 2021 vote.

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Labour is up seven points to 29 on the constituency and up eight points on the list taking them to 26%.

The Tories are in third, registering 20% on the constituency and the list, down two and four points respectively.

Overall, Labour is the most favourably viewed party in Scotland, with a net favourability rating of +10%.

The SNP are on -1% down 13-points from their previous poll in November. All other parties hold negative ratings, with majorities holding unfavourable views of Alba and the Tories.

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Asked which of the SNP leadership candidates would be the best first minister, 25% of all Scots voters say Kate Forbes, 18% say Humza Yousaf, and 14% Ash Regan.

However, among SNP voters, most, around 27%, think Mr Yousaf would be best placed to lead the country, compared to 21% who back Ms Forbes, and 13% supporting Ms Regan.

Altogether, a majority, 58% of Scottish voters’ say they support Ms Sturgeon’s decision to resign, against only 18% who oppose it.