SUPPORT for Scottish independence has fallen again, according to a new poll. 

The survey for Sky News shows 39% would vote Yes to independence, while 47% would back No. 

With don't knows removed Yes is on 46% with No on 54%.

The poll also revealed that, regardless of their view on independence, 52% of the public believed Scotland would still be part of the UK in 10 years' time.

It is in stark contrast to the Find Out Now poll published last week by The National/ScotGoesPop which put support for independence on 52%.


The Sky poll found voters were split over the SNP's record. Some 44% said Nicola Sturgeon's party were doing a good job while 46% thought the opposite.

However, 62% of voters thought the Scottish Government was doing badly on health.

Nevertheless, the SNP are still far ahead of their rivals. At the next general election, they are on target to win 39% of the vote, ten points ahead of Labour. 

On the Holyrood constituency vote they are at 43%, above Labour on 26%.

Like most polls carried out in the wake of Nicola Sturgeon’s shock resignation, Kate Forbes is the most popular choice with all voters to take over. Some 27% said she would be a good first minister.

Another 22% backed Humza Yousaf and 14% thought positively of Ash Regan.

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But when asked who they thought would be a bad leader of the country, Mr Yousaf topped the poll, with 44% picking him, 39% critical of Ms Regan and 36% pessimistic about Ms Forbes.

The majority of voters thought the three in the race to replace Ms Sturgeon woudl do a worse job than the Glasgow Southside MSP. 

Just 17 per cent thought Ms Forbes would do better, 8% believed Ms Regan would be an improvement. Only 6% had confidence in  Mr Yousaf.

The Sky News poll comes ahead of the channel's hustings on Monday night.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, welcomed the survey. She said: “This is another poll showing support for independence decreasing, and reaffirms again that Scots want a government that focuses on the issues that really matter.

“While the SNP continues to obsess about independence, the public want to hear what the next leader plans to do abouhealth, education and the cost-of-living crisis.

“The three candidates for First Minister should heed this poll and take plans for another referendum off the table.

“It’s time for the people’s priorities, not the SNP’s.”

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Alba’s General Secretary Chris McEleny said the poll should be a wake up call for the independence movement.

"We cannot afford to be divided at this crucial moment in our movement’s history, or to allow support for independence to continue to suffer because of unpopular policies that have been allowed to take priority over independence because of pressure from Green Party ministers," he said.

"We must be united in our efforts to secure Scotland's independence, and we must be focused on the needs and aspirations of the Scottish people. Any incoming First Minister must move their focus away from polarising policies such as Gender Reforms and deliver on the priorities of the entire population."

SNP President Michael Russell was positive about the poll: "This latest poll shows exactly why Westminster is running scared of a referendum on Scottish independence.

"Removing don't knows, as most headline figures do, Yes support sits at 46% - a rock solid starting point ahead of any future campaign. The opposition know that a referendum is on them to lose - and their arguments of stability under Westminster control are crumbling.

"This poll shows increasing support for the SNP at Holyrood and Westminster - an achievement after 16 years in government that our opponents could only dream of.

"Westminster cannot continue to hide from democracy. While the SNP continues to bring our positive vision of an independent Scotland to the people who live here, that support will only continue to grow."