POLICE Scotland's search of Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell's house is continuing with officers spotted outside holding gardening equipment.

Forensic teams have also been spotted combing through the couple's home as part of the police’s probe into allegations around the SNP’s finances. 

Mr Murrell was arrested early on Wednesday morning “as a suspect in connection with the ongoing investigation”.

He has not been charged. 

The Herald:

As part of the investigation the force carried out searches at the home Mr Murrell shares with his wife, the former first minister of Scotland. 

SNP HQ in Edinburgh’s Jackson’s Entry was also searched. 

Ms Sturgeon has not been seen today. Neighbours said she left at 8.10am, around 20 minutes before police arrived. 

Pictures taken of the search at her home showed officers looking through storage units, and lifting the tarpaulin covering the BBQ in the back garden.

The Herald:

There were fingertip searches over the fence, and officers coming in and out the house. One officer was pictured with an Amazon box, another walked about with an open Macbook.

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They were all followed by an official police photographer, documenting everything. 

Police tape marked out a cordon around the house, while a forensic tent was erected on the front lawn. 

The Herald:

In Edinburgh, there were four police vans outside the party HQ, just off the Royal Mile, a few minutes walk away from the Scottish Parliament, and close to the BBC’s Edinburgh studios.

They left at about 2.30pm, taking equipment and boxes.