Humza Yousaf has renewed calls for the UK Government to allow a second independence referendum to be held as he hit out at the Prime Minister for “attacks on devolution”.

The First Minister, in his first official face-to-face meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in London, raised a series of alleged threats to Scottish devolution, as well as a host of other issues.

The meeting came after Tory peer and former lead Brexit negotiator Lord Frost last week suggested “rolling back” some currently devolved powers.

Despite the Scottish Government’s strategy for independence hanging in the balance, Mr Yousaf called on Mr Sunk to allow a repeat of the second independence referendum to take place by issuing a Section 30 order under the Scotland Act.

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The independence campaign had been put on the back burner as the SNP moves to deal with a police investigation into its finances.

After legal attempts to hold a referendum were left in tatters after a failed Supreme Court bid by the Scottish Government, the alternative route to treat the next UK general election as a de-facto referendum looks all but dead following Mr Yousaf becoming SNP leader.

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At the meeting, Mr Yousaf has criticised Foreign Secretary James Cleverly’s “clumsy intervention” over attempting to limit the Scottish Government's overseas activity.

But the First Minister welcomed Mr Sunak’s “fairness” in dealing with concerns raised by the Scottish whisky industry over the 10.1% tax increase by the UK Government.

Commenting on the meeting, a spokesperson for the First Minister, said: “The First Minister and the Prime Minister met this evening.

“The FM raised the cost-of-living crisis and rising energy bills being suffered by households across Scotland.

“He was pleased that the Prime Minister committed to fairness in how the Scotch whisky industry is treated by the UK Government. He now needs to deliver on that.”

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The spokesperson added: “The First Minister raised concerns around UK Government attacks on devolution, including the Foreign Secretary’s clumsy intervention on Scottish Government activity abroad and comments on devolution from Lord Frost.

“He also once again pressed for an exemption from the Internal Market Act for the Deposit Return Scheme to be granted within weeks.

“The FM also made clear that he expects the PM to respect the democratic wishes of Scotland’s Parliament by granting a Section 30 order.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said: “Humza Yousaf may have paid some lip service to issues like the cost-of-living crisis.

“But the mask slipped almost immediately after with his demands for another divisive vote on separation.

“Instead of stoking grievance and making demands the Scottish public don’t support, the First Minister should be getting his own house in order.

“And next time he’s representing the people of Scotland in such a meeting, he should be focusing only on the things that matter to them.”

The claims over the UK Government attacking Scottish devolution came amid a looming court battle between the two governments over Holyrood’s gender recognition reforms.

Scottish Secretary Alister Jack has used powers under the Scotland Act to halt the legislation from becoming law, while Mr Yousaf’s government has confirmed it will appeal the decision in the courts.

The First Minister has previously said challenging the UK Government’s block on the gender Bill was “our only means of defending our Parliament’s democracy from the Westminster veto” but Mr Sunak said Westminster had taken “very careful and considered advice” on the issue before acting.

The meeting comes after the Scottish Government delayed the introduction of its deposit return scheme from August to March next year, in a move that circular economy minister Lorna Slater blamed on Westminster.

It is understood that at the meeting, Mr Sunak reiterated the UK Government’s commitment to supporting people with the cost-of-living crisis, highlighting the support that is going out UK-wide this week, and reiterated the need for all levels of government to work together on these priorities.

Mr Sunak also outlined the situation in Sudan and updated the First Minister on the UK Government’s work to deliver on the priorities of people across the UK.

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On his visit, Mr Yousaf also met London mayor Sadiq Khan, with the two discussing ways to collaborate to raise the profile of climate action between Scotland and London.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Yousaf thanked the Mayor of London for "the very warm welcome" and the "opportunity to discuss the cost-of-living crisis, affordable housing, the climate emergency and many more areas of potential collaboration".

The First Minsiter also met EU Ambassador Pedro Serrano, with discussions held over Scotland's ties with Brussels.