Humza Yousaf has insisted the SNP can put a brake on Labour “lurching to the right” if the party holds the balance of power in a hung parliament at Westminster.

Yesterday, UK Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer ruled out a coalition with the SNP over “fundamental difference” on independence.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar insisted his colleagues at Westminster would reject any coalition or deal with the SNP.

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He said: “No ifs, no buts, no deals with the SNP."

But the Labour leader refused to rule out working with the LibDems if he needed to, in order to become the next prime minister.

But the First Minister said the reality is if Labour require the number to form a government could see them being more open about working with the SNP.

Mr Yosuaf also stressed that his party would be “prepared to co-operate with Labour” in a hung parliament, but said the SNP would insist that Sir Keir moves back towards a more progressive agenda.

Speaking to LBC Radio in Glasgow, the FM said: “I think what is said in the midst of an election campaign is very different to the real politics once the results come in.

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“We are absolutely determined to work with other parties to make sure we lock out the Tories.”

The First Minister said that “it’s very clear to me that Labour is lurching to the right”, pointing to the party confirming it will not undo controversial anti-protest legislation that has been cricitised by the UN.

He added: “Look at the recent announcements around the fact that the Labour party, if they do get into government, won’t unpick legislation that is there to not facilitate protests, to stop lawful and peaceful protest from going ahead.

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“So we will make sure that we ensure that the Labour party go back to where they should be in terms of the progressive agenda.

“What we’ll also make sure we’ll do in the event of a hung parliament, which is a very real prospect, is we’re prepared to co-operate with Labour but of course, we have demands for it, there will be a price for it.

“We can see already that there’s the possibility of a potential hung parliament so Scotland could hold the balance of power. “