Two of Scotland’s top businesspeople have welcomed news America’s GDP continues to defy many economic analysts’ expectations, adding this demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit that could also boost Scotland’s fortunes.

“Everybody thinks China is the superpower coming into the frame but America just keeps going and going,” said Sir Tom Hunter on his Go Radio Business Show. 

“What does this mean for people who are striving here in Scotland? Well, there’s a lot of doom and gloom about. Look at the Middle East. My goodness, there are poor people on both sides. Then there is the Ukraine war. We don’t hear so much anymore about those poor people. 

“Among all this doom and gloom in the geopolitics, however, entrepreneurs are getting on with it. They are finding ways to succeed.”

His show co-host Lord Willie Haughey agreed, adding: “This is a big point about America: I’d mentioned the experts saying China was on schedule to overtake the US by 2032 as the world’s leading super power. I don’t think that will ever happen. 

“I think America has proven in the past 18 months the true resilience of its economy and we’ve seen the belief other people have in investing in them. 

“Growth of 4.9% at the moment is great news. I'm absolutely delighted. What other country with $2.7 trillion of debt can go to their legislators and ask for a hundred billion dollars to send to Ukraine and Israel? I mean that’s the strength of America and I think we all benefit from that strength.

“Certainly, after Brexit we should be doing everything in our power to tighten those ties between America and the UK. If we’re allowed to do it here in Scotland, we should seek even closer links.

“One of the ways Scotland could jump on the bandwagon of this good news is to invite all the businesspeople in America who would love to get involved in investing in areas such as renewables to a seminar.

“Invite them all, put out the red carpet, have a big Gleneagles event and show them how wonderful Scotland is. Let’s showcase Scotland, especially in the world of renewable energy.”