It was love at first sight between me and my new winter coat. Lovely colour, luxuriously padded, there was even a clever gizmo to draw the hood off the face; no more walking into lampposts for this gal.

But now it is flaming June and I’m still wearing the blooming coat. “What happened to the summer?” asked a neighbour. “Did I blink and miss it?”

There’s a promise of warm weather to come but I’m not putting my puffy coat away just yet. We should be used to wet and gloomy summers by now. Even when we leave Scotland we take the weather with us, as seen in Cologne the other night. No Scotland, no party in the torrential rain.

We’ll even assist the locals in handling the weather, as those two Scotland fans were seen doing on X when they formed a brolly-toting guard of honour around some old boy using a walking frame.

The cold and wet are a bummer until you consider the heat others are labouring under. New Yorkers were warned this week to prepare for temperatures in the high nineties. Mayor Eric Adams said: “A heat wave can be more than just uncomfortable, it can be deadly and life-threatening if you are not prepared.”

Around the world, temperatures are climbing higher, earlier, some soaring well into the 40s and 50s. Sicily last year reached 48. My own personal red line was 30, as experienced in Budapest a few summers ago where it was a struggle to breathe.

So I take back every mean thing I have ever said about Scottish summers. In years to come people will travel huge distances to feel the cool Caledonia rain on their faces the way they once sought the sun and the beach. Lucky us, getting it for free and on our doorstep.