This month’s annual conferences by Labour and the SNP have served to sharpen the focus on the two parties' respective attitudes to Scottish self-government. 

Last week, one of our correspondents recalled the great Labour politician Denis Healey had once said that “an independent Scotland “would survive perfectly well”. 

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That provoked a response from a reader who today argues that a Labour-led executive at Holyrood would boost the case for independence. 

Sandy Gemmill of Edinburgh writes: 

"Ruth Marr is quite correct in thinking that an independent Scotland would survive perfectly well (Letters, October 20). However, the issue is not survival but rather when is Scotland ready and prepared for independence. 

"I suggest that the return of a Labour-led executive in the Scottish Parliament, delivering good government, will help the independence cause.

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"I realise that Ms Marr is a committed and vociferous supporter of Scottish independence and she will continue to support the SNP.

"Others might do well to vote Labour in the hope that effective government will be re-established at Holyrood." 

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