The appointment of David Cameron as Rishi Sunak's new Foreign Secretary has caused some consternation on our Letters Pages.

Yesterday, one of our correspondents discussed how his actions had led to Scotland being taken out of the EU against the wishes of the majority of Scottish voters.

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Today one of our readers points out that Cameron did the correct thing by standing down after that result, and asks if any of our leaders today would take the same honourable action.

Walter Paul of Glasgow writes: 

"Ruth Marr again writes that Scotland voted to stay in the EU at the 2016 referendum; of course Scotland as a country voted with an approximate 62% wishing to remain, but as most people know, the referendum was a UK one, hence the UK leaving the European Union with a just-over 3% majority.

"And hence the reason that David Cameron, who had allowed the referendum to happen and who wished the UK to remain, resigned as PM more or less immediately, doing what some people would term the correct action. 

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"We are reminded of the integrity in 2014 of Alex Salmond who likewise resigned as First Minister of Scotland when the independence referendum produced a majority in favour of remaining part of the UK. In my opinion, both politicians quickly and correctly resigned from their positions because of losing an election. 

"Would that some other politicians today would take the same honourable action - and of course I refer to politicians in the SNP, in the Tories, in the Labour Party, in the Greens - many of whom we would be delighted to see the back of.”