The recent cold spell followed by wild weather has brought widespread power cuts and had many of us checking our thermostats and smart meters in anticipation of hefty energy bills to come. 

Herald business writer Kristy Dorsey was prompted to write a searing column lambasting the UK Government for what she perceives to be a failure to plan and invest in long-term energy security. 

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Today, however, a reader argues that the Conservatives should be praised for pushing through new nuclear power projects over the last 14 years – and calls for the SNP to do the same. 

Jamie Black of Largs writes: 

"Kristy Dorsey writes: 'The Conservatives have had 14 years in power to start making good on the UK’s crumbing energy infrastructure and have failed to do so'. 

"For the avoidance of doubt, in those 14 years, the Conservative Government, in the face of stiff (and baseless) opposition, has pushed through the Hinkley C Zero Carbon Power station, and had approved Sizewell C.

"This is on top of the countless wind energy projects that have been approved through government energy policy and investment in gas stations to help 'keep the lights on'. Too late, yes, but nonetheless, all will play a critical part of our energy security in years to come. 

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"Meanwhile in Scotland the SNP refuses point blank to have a grown-up discussion on building on Scotland's excellent track record of running nuclear power stations for more than 50 years, by way of its quasi-ban on new zero carbon nuclear.

"To develop new stations would not only give us a credible, sustainable, completely carbon-free energy mix, but would provide energy security and high-quality, well-paid long-term jobs for generations to come. 

"It's time for change and for the SNP to abandon the anti-nuclear sacred cow once and for all. Scots deserve better than blind ideology."