A seventh SNP MP has revealed their decision to stand down at the general election expected before the end of next year.

John McNally, first elected in 2015, said this morning that he would not be putting himself forward for the contest.

Mr McNally, 72, joins fellow SNPs, Mhairi Black, Peter Grant, Douglas Chapman, Ian Blackford, Stewart Hosie, and Angela Crawley who have all previously said they will leave Westminster.

Ms Black, the SNP's deputy leader in the Commons, said last week she was "tired" of "toxic" Westminster, describing it as a "horrible place to be."

The 28-year-old also said the threats and social media abuse had left her loved ones in a "constant state of anxiety" over her safety.

In a statement posted on Twitter today Mr McNally, a barber to trade, said it had been an an "honour" to represent the people of Falkirk at Westminster for the past eight years.

The Herald:

SNP Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, speaks to the press with other SNP MPs behind outside the Houses of Parliament on December 16, 2019 in London.  The SNP won 48 of the 59 Westminster seat in Scotland, securing 45% of the vote an increase of 8.1% on the 2017 result which saw them win 35 seats.  Mr McNally is pictured second from the left. (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images).

His statement said: "For eight years I have had the honour of representing the Falkirk constituency as their MP. After some soul searching, however, I am standing down at the next general election.

"It's not a decision I've taken lightly. It has been a privilege to speak on behalf of such a vibrant community.

"The people are not just constituents to me but are friends, colleagues, neighbours and family.

"My time in politics is something I never imagined I'd experience, let alone for nearly a decade. Fifty years ago I ran a barber shop in Denny.

"I went on to work as a local councillor for the area and then MP for Falkirk."

He added that while he will no longer be in the UK Parliament after the general election he would continue "to do whatever I can to campaign for independence and to support the SNP."

The politician also revealed to the Falkirk Herald that the decision had been taken to allow him to spend more time with his family.

He told the newspaper: "Travelling from the constituency to London every week takes its toll and not just on the politician but also their families. Even when you return on a Friday there are lots of meetings with people in the constituency and it is difficult to unwind.

"My wife Sandra has retired now and it's right that I spend more time with her."

Speaking to LBC's The News Agents podcast, Ms Black was asked why she was standing down. She said:"Honestly, because I'm tired, is a big part of it. And the thing that makes me tired is Westminster.

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"I think it is one of the most unhealthy workplaces that you could ever be in. It's a toxic environment.

"Just the entire design of the place and how it functions is just the opposite of everything that I find comfortable."

Reports have suggested that Mr McNally may not be the last SNP MP to announce their decision not to contest the next general election.

The departure of so many MPs will leave Humza Yousaf's party searching for a raft of new candidates to fight the contest.

A series of polls have suggested that the SNP is facing the prospect of heavy losses next year with Labour expected to regain seats in many of its former heartlands.

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Mr Yousaf is also facing a major electoral test with a Westminster by election in Rutherglen and Hamilton West likely this autumn.

A recall petition to remove former SNP MP Margaret Ferrier, who now sits as an independent in the Commons, is underway in the constituency, after a court found she had breached lockdown rules at the height of the Covid pandemic.

Should 10% of constituents support the petition, Ms Ferrier will be removed as the MP and a by election called.

In a further warning for Mr Yousaf, Labour last week ousted the SNP from a council seat in nearby East Kilbride with the SNP falling into third place.