Labour can “definitely” take back Scotland from the SNP and the Tories under Jeremy Corbyn, an MP has said.

Hugh Gaffney, who defeated the SNP to take the Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill constituency at the last election, said Labour were “all over the place” and “heading down” before Mr Corbyn.

The former postal worker said “you will see the red flag flying for Labour” north of the border at the next election.

The SNP secured a landslide victory in Scotland at the 2015 election as they secured 56 of the 59 seats compared to Labour’s one.

But Labour now hold seven following the 2017 election while the SNP has 35 MPs.

Mr Gaffney said: “I’ve always opposed the SNP because it is a nationalist party at the end of the day, they don’t go further than Carlisle, whereas I’m an internationalist. We go over, we keep going.

“The Union Jack took over from the Scotland flag and that’s why to me the Tories did so well in councils because they were flag flying, we moved from the Scottish flag to the Union Jack flag.

“Now the next time round you will see the red flag flying for Labour, people will start to see through it.”

He added: “I think Jeremy Corbyn could go all the way, the Tories down here are clinging on to power, if they call a general election they’re going to lose it.

“The country is now ready for Labour to come back, ready for ordinary working people to have a voice in this country.

“The 2017 intake had a lot of good working-class background people coming in and that’s all we ask, give workers a voice and an opportunity in this place.”