Now that Christmas is over and Hogmanay is fast approaching, Scotland once again finds itself in a similar situation to last years new year lockdown.

The Scottish Government this week introduced new restrictions on venue capacity with live events, football matches and Hogmanay events taking a hit.

Social distancing of 1m has also been re-introduced as well as table service in hospitality establishments, in an attempt to stop the number of Omicron cases in the country.

The National Clinical Director for Scotland, Jason Leitch, has also warned that restrictions could be tightened before the next official review.

He said that although there is a legal review every three weeks following the new measures introduced across the country, “that doesn’t mean things can’t go up or down in the middle weeks.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Health Secretary said that there will be no further restrictions being introduced in England before 2022.

As the Covid situation in the UK and Scotland hangs on the balance, here's when we can expect Nicola Sturgeon's next Covid update...

When is Nicola Sturgeon's next Covid update? 

The first minister's next Covid update is due on Wednesday December 29 2021. 

There is currently no suggestion that she will give an update before this date. 

The briefing on Wednesday will take place in a virtual Parliament session at around 2:00pm. 

How can I watch Nicola Sturgeon's Covid briefing on Tuesday? 

The Covid update will be streamed on the Scottish government's social media channels.

It can also be watched on their official TV website.

Will more restrictions be introduced in Scotland? 

New restrictions were only brought into force yesterday.

However, the First Minister voiced her concern on social media after nearly 30,000 cases of Covid were recorded between Christmas Day and December 27.

As previously mentioned, National Clinical Director Jason Leitch was speaking on BBC's Good Morning Scotland today, and refused to rule out further restrictions before the New Year.

He said: ”I hope we can get away without anything too dramatic on top of what we’ve already done.

“I’m very conscious that there are people in the economic advice space, the mental health advice, the social policy, the education, of course, and those who have businesses and employees who have taken a hit in the few weeks leading up to Christmas.

“We don’t want that to last any longer than it needs, but the public health advice is that Omicron remains a danger to the country, in fact the WHO advice is that it remains a danger to the whole world, and therefore you should act very cautiously if you decide to remove protections.”