I don't know about you but I think it might have been nice if the SNP had spent the time since Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation talking about matters like education, the NHS, policing, poverty, drug deaths, ferries, and, you know, the whole gamut of issues that the party has singularly failed on throughout 16 years in government.

Instead SNP types have wandered around like a grieving drunk at a wake, wailing about Sturgeon’s loss. They may as well have done a group recital, dressed in black, of Percy Shelley’s A Lament: ‘O world! O life! O time!’. And when they briefly stop mourning, they’ve done nothing but talk endlessly about independence, or bicker.

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Now, I support independence and I find this insulting, so how must undecided and unionist voters feel.

Let’s be clear: any hope of another referendum is now years away. To say otherwise is deluded. To jabber on about independence while the country falls to bits is like worrying that your shoes aren’t shiny while the backside is hanging out of your trousers. There’s quite a lot going on, SNP, you know - like a teachers’ strike.

HeraldScotland: Teachers striking (note, this is from a strike in Scotland). Credit:
 Andrew Milligan/PA Wire.

The party knows another referendum is years away. Senior figures are briefing the press that Sturgeon’s resignation puts at least five years on the clock. Yet still they harp on as if independence is all that matters.

It’s not. The people of Scotland - whether Yes or No voters - care about good government, and good public services. Look at what’s just happened in Glasgow.

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In order to plug a £50 million deficit, the SNP-led council has voted to inflict enormous pain on the city. Council tax is going up, library and museum hours will be cut, nursery fees will increase. Culture and sport are being whittled down. Even burial and cremation charges will go up, for pity’s sake. The cleansing budget is losing £1 million.

It symbolises all that’s gone wrong in Scotland. Action is desperately required. But...

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