Two of Scotland’s leading entrepreneurs have welcomed the appointment of Scotland’s new First Minister and Deputy First Minister. 

Speaking on the Go Radio Business Show with Hunter and Haughey, Lord Willie Haughey commented: “I would say this ­– not in a disparaging way – but John Swinney is a regurgitated First Minister. He’s been there before. But I also think the appointment of Kate Forbes as his Deputy is a good one.

“John Swinney has an idea about the economy and Kate Forbes certainly has an idea about the economy. So I would think, if you are an SNP follower, you would be happy. Some will not be as happy because of what’s been said about Kate’s beliefs but I think the SNP are probably in a better position than they were last week.”

His radio show co-host Sir Tom Hunter said: “I think from a business point of view, it’s good news. We always judge people on their actions, not their words, but John Swinney is a very decent human being. 

“We’ve worked with him in lots of things through the Hunter Foundation. I always re-quote him saying that one of his best ministerial decisions was to know when to get out the way, which I thought was a very enlightened thing for a politician to say. 

“The brief time we had working with Kate on business, I really liked her. I thought she was pragmatic. I thought she got on with the job and she got business. But I’m always going to judge people on their actions.

“John Swinney was very able. He got the enterprise philosophy and Kate did as well. So we wish them good luck because Scotland’s businesses need them to have their backs. We don’t need too much from them but they do need to look at housing, the hospitality sector, the retail sector, the rates, the tax, all the stuff we talk about every week. I’m not going to repeat it all again, but we know what the priorities are. Businesses know what the priorities are. 

“I just hope the new First Minister and the Deputy First Minister know what they are.”