Humza Yousaf will set out his citizenship proposals for an independent Scotland – following the Irish model of allowing those with one Scottish parent to become a national.

The First Minister will unveil his Government’s updated plans for citizenship in Edinburgh today.

Under the plans, Mr Yousaf is set to reveal that an independent Scotland would follow the Irish model to citizenship, allowing those born outwith the country after independence to be automatically entitled to Scottish citizenship, if at least one of their parents is a Scottish citizen.

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Addressing an event in Edinburgh that will bring together a number of ‘New Scots’, including Ukrainian and Syrian refugees, Mr Yousaf is expected to say that an ageing population is one of the biggest threats faced by future generations in Scotland alongside climate change.

The First Minister will claim the proposals demonstrate that an independent Scotland will be welcoming and inclusive, while helping to build a stronger economy with more people working and contributing to public services.

The paper will also outline the rights of British citizens to claim dual nationality at the point of independence and set out proposals to make it easier for those from overseas to apply for Scottish citizenship after independence.

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The Scottish Government will publish a further paper on migration later in the series as part of its programme to update the independence prospectus.

Ahead of the launch, Mr Yousaf said: “Today I’ll outline the Scottish Government’s proposals for citizenship in an independent Scotland – they are inclusive, bold, and they will help boost both our population and economy.

“Scotland’s working population is being hit by a heartless Westminster migration system that isn’t fit for purpose, and a hard Brexit that Scotland didn’t vote for, making our population challenges significantly worse.

“I am in no doubt that alongside the climate crisis, the challenges of an ageing population are one of the biggest issues future generations will face in Scotland, unless action is taken today.”

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He added: “The Scottish Government wants to make it easier for people, including those seeking to reconnect with family roots, to gain citizenship and contribute to our economy, society and public services like the NHS.

“And when we re-join the EU as an independent country, Scottish citizens will be able to enjoy all the benefits of EU citizenship too.

“An independent Scotland will be a welcoming country as part of our ambition to be an inclusive, progressive and prosperous nation. I look forward to the debate about what citizenship will mean in a modern, independent Scotland.”

Scottish Conservative shadow constitution secretary, Donald Cameron, said: “This latest self-indulgent paper touting independence is not just a blatant misuse of public money and resources by the SNP, it demonstrates how out of touch they are with the public.

“It’s a sign of Humza Yousaf’s weakness that he is once again obsessing on breaking up the UK – because it’s the only issue his feuding party can agree on."

He added: “Rather than wasting taxpayers’ money and civil servants’ time on pushing a divisive, party political agenda, a strong leader would be concentrating on the issues that matter to Scots – unacceptable NHS waiting times and the cost of living crisis.

“As for tackling population decline, the SNP’s policy of making Scotland the highest taxed part of the UK is an active disincentive to people settling here.

“While the scandal-ridden SNP retreat to their independence comfort blanket, only the Scottish Conservatives are focused on Scotland’s real priorities.”