SNP ministers will publish their plans for migration and asylum policy if Scotland secures independence from the United Kingdom later this week – pointing to a system that “has dignity, fairness and respect at its heart”.

The move comes following sustained criticism by the Scottish Government of UK Government migration policies.

Tory Home Secretary Suella Braverman caused outrage after suggesting that “multiculturalism has failed” and suggested seeking asylum because you are being persecuted because you are a woman or gay is not a good enough reason to gain entry into the UK.

 The UK Government’s bid to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda has been deemed unlawful, with the Supreme Court considering a final appeal from Tory ministers,

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The Scottish Government will publish its sixth paper of its Building a New Scotland series – which sets out the updated case for independence.

The papers were ordered by then-first minister Nicola Sturgeon amid the prospect of a second referendum on independence, but that looks unlikely after the Supreme Court ruled Holyrood cannot hold its own poll and the Conservatives and Labour insisting they will not grant a vote if they form the next Westminster government.

The Scottish Government’s paper will tout a fairer immigration system that is specifically tailored to the country’s population and economic needs.

The paper, which will be published on Friday, will also propose a new humane approach for asylum seekers in Scotland, according to the Scottish Government.

Independence Minister Jamie Hepburn said: “Migration to Scotland supports economic growth and the delivery of public services, and we should recognise the enormous contribution that people from all over the world make to our country.

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“Migration is vitally important to Scotland’s future – as well as contributing to our communities, the people who choose to live, work and raise their families here are helping to grow our economy.

“Independence would give Scotland the opportunity to set its own migration policy that delivers for our specific needs.”

He added: “We need a migration policy that will help expand the Scottish economy and benefit our wider society - particularly for our rural and island communities, who continue to struggle with labour shortages as a result of Brexit and a hostile immigration system that does not meet our needs.

“At its core, Scotland is an open and welcoming nation and we could take an approach to migration that has dignity, fairness and respect at its heart.

“The next paper in the Building a New Scotland series will explain just how we intend to deliver that and I look forward to setting out our proposals later this week.”

Last week, Mr Hepburn defended the Scottish Government continuing to draw up the renewed case for Scottish independence.

Speaking in Holyrood, he told MSPs that the Scottish Government “will continue to provide information about the opportunities of independence” through its Building a New Scotland series of papers and “various other engagements”.

Mr Hepburn said: “To be abundantly clear, the cost of each paper that we have published thus far has been less than £20,000.

“With the enormous benefits and opportunity that independence brings, I think that that money is well worth expending.”