SNP ministers are set to publish the next paper in the Scottish Government’s independence prospectus series on Friday, setting out how a newly independent Scotland could rejoin the EU. 

It is not clear if the paper will offer any more information on exactly how that can happen.

The press release from the government said the new paper would "set out the benefits of EU membership to an independent Scotland, as well as what the country could contribute to the EU as a member state." 

It will also "detail the economic costs of Brexit to Scotland and how an independent Scotland could make the most of being part of the European single market."

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Earlier this year, Independence Minister Jamie Hepurn confirmed that there would need to be checks on goods moving between Scotland and England, as the rest of the UK would be outside the EU. 

Over the summer, analysis prepared by Scottish Government civil servants suggested it could take up to eight years for an independent Scotland to rejoin the bloc.

On Monday morning, Mr Hepburn, said Scotland would have "a lot" to contribute to the bloc.

He said: “Scotland is in a unique position in that it has been taken out of the EU against its will. As a result, the people of Scotland have lost their right to live, work and study across the EU.

“EU membership is central to Scotland’s future economic and social success."

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He added: “As a member, Scotland would be part of the world’s largest single market of 450 million people – around seven times the size of the UK – and would advance Scotland’s interests directly in the EU for the first time.

“Of course, while the EU has much to offer Scotland, Scotland also has a lot that it will contribute to the EU as a member state.”

He continued: “An independent Scotland’s EU membership would not be at the expense of the valuable relationships we have.

“The other nations of the UK and Ireland will remain Scotland’s close and valued friends.

“But independence is the only realistic way to achieve Scotland’s aim of becoming an EU member once again.”