There has been no shortage of friction between the SNP and the Westminster institutions of late.

The turmoil has been such that the First Minister yesterday had to put the kibosh on a suggestion by deputy party leader Keith Brown that SNP MPs could do less work at Westminster.

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Today, however, one of our readers calls for the party to boycott the House of Commons after the General Election.

David J Crawford of Glasgow writes:

"The economy of the UK has been going downhill since the days of Margaret Thatcher irrespective of which of the two major political parties has formed the Westminster government. How gullible, nae moronic, would you have to be to believe that the current Chancellor hinting at future tax reductions would fundamentally change the direction of travel?

It is patently clear that our first-past-the-post electoral system ensures that if the will of the Scottish electorate does not coincide with that espoused by the party that forms the government at Westminster it is simply ignored. Holyrood itself can never function properly while Westminster holds the purse strings.

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I think it is time that we simply stop playing along with a system that patently works against the interests of the majority of all UK citizens, not just us Scots, the proof of that being the progressive uneven distribution of wealth in society. I think that all SNP MPs returned at the next General Election should go to Westminster but refuse to enter the building but rather stage a permanent protest at the door, as actually entering the building is obviously pointless."