Scottish political aide and pundit Ayesha Hazarika has been made Baroness Hazarika of Coatbridge after taking a seat in the House of Lords. 

The former stand-up comic, who has previously served as special adviser to Gordon Brown, Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband, wore the traditional scarlet robes for the short introduction ceremony in the upper chamber.

Baroness Hazarika was supported by fellow Labour peers Lord Dubs and Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws.

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Also being enobled on Thursday was Liz Truss’s former deputy chief of staff, Ruth Porter.

She was handed a peerage despite her boss only managing 49 days in No 10. 

Rishi Sunak had been urged to block the honour. 

Currently, there are about 800 peers eligible to take part in the work of the House of Lords. 

Sir Keir Starmer has described the Lords as "undemocratic" and "indefensible."

He has previously thrown his weight behind a report by Mr Brown calling for the upper chamber to be scrapped within five years and replaced by an elected Assembly of the Nations and Regions.

However, the party has rowed back on that commitment in recent months. 

Reports in February suggested they would implement only "limited reforms" which could see the 92 seats in the Lords reserved for British aristocrats scrapped.

Lady Hazarika was born in Bellshill and grew up in Coatbridge.

She is currently a presenter with Times Radio.