THERE is no prospect of a hybrid surface similar to that at BT Murrayfield being installed at Scotstoun Stadium, even though it could have been a compromise to suit both the needs of Glasgow Warriors and Victoria Park Glasgow athletics club.

As detailed in the Herald last Saturday, the Warriors' increasingly urgent calls for an artificial surface to be installed at the ground, which is prone to waterlogging, have angered officials of VPG, who feel they are being squeezed out of a facility which has been their home since 1930.

Issues such as the temporary stands, which are up for nine months every year, and athletes being denied access to the infield/rugby pitch, have heightened VPG's feelings that the Warriors' needs come first at a stadium redeveloped with £18m of public money in 2010.

Club officials fear that an artificial surface will prevent the throws events being held on the infield. A hybrid surface might have allowed those to take place, whilst also allowing greater access to the infield in the winter months.

However, the Herald understands that this has been discounted for two reasons. The pitch at Murrayfield cost a reported £1.25m, which is perhaps double what an artificial surface would cost to install at Scotstoun. There is also the issue of usage – Murrayfield's is comparatively light, whereas there would be much more demand at the council-owned Scotstoun.

Instead, a test bed at Crownpoint, which is also council owned, indicates that an artificial surface at Scotstoun could facilitate the javelin, discus and shot – but not, as yet, the hammer. If that is verified, such a surface is likely to be put down sooner rather than later.

Scottish Athletics chief executive Nigel Holl said: "We have been closely involved in discussions about Scotstoun for the last two or three years. We're clearly very keen that it can be maintained as an athletics venue that is important to Glasgow and those in the west of Scotland, whilst recognising the significance of the venue for the Warriors."

Scottish Athletics say they are prepared to look at allowing the back pitch at Scotstoun to be used for the hammer or any other throwing events which can't be catered for on a synthetic surface – provided spectator facilities are installed. The proposal to relegate any throws events to the back pitch is, however, likely to be bitterly resented by VPG, who have not been involved in the discussions about the artificial surface.

The athletic club's secretary, Gordon Innes, is also adamant that Glasgow Warriors officials rarely attend stadium users' meetings at Scotstoun, and that there is no other dialogue with the rugby club. Warriors were invited to respond, but chose not to comment.

In a further development, it is understood that Glasgow Life, who run Scotstoun for the city council, would consider a stadium sponsorship for the Glasgow venue. They already have a 10-year deal in place for the Emirates indoor arena, believed to be worth £4.5m.