A DEVASTATED Charlie Mulgrew admitted Celtic's inevitable league title won't make up for what could be viewed as his club's worst ever Old Firm defeat.

Five in a row will be clinched soon enough but will there be a less celebrated championship in the club's history given everything that has happened this season.

Mulgrew knows that losing to a Rangers team from the lower leagues, probably the only time it will ever happen, is not going to be forgotten any time soon. Or ever, if truth be told.

“We’ve lost an Old Firm game and nothing really makes up for that," he admitted. "It’s done though and we need to concentrate on the next thing now, which is winning games for Celtic and winning the league.

“This game will need to be put behind us and, as hard as it will be, we have to move on. We’ve got to try and win everything in this country and that was our aim today, to get to the final of the Scottish Cup.

"It’s always a great day at the end of the season, but we’ve not got that now. We’re gutted.”

Celtic were second best and that fact was written all over the faces of the players as they emerged from the dressing room. None could quite believe just how bad they had been.

"Everyone is just devastated," said Mulgrew. "Our aim coming here today was to get into the final of the Scottish Cup. The fact it was an Old Firm game added an extra edge to it and we’re devastated.

“We never played the way we could play and that’s the most disappointing thing. To lose it on penalties is just a further blow.

“There’s no worse or better time to win or lose these games and so it’s just devastating. There’s no second chances, we didn’t do it on the day and we can only blame ourselves. It’s up there with my lowest moments in football."

Mulgrew is still waiting to be offered a new contract by Ronny Deila. You would get long odds on the Norwegian being at the club longer than a player who has been a terrific servant to the club.

When asked about Deila being under pressure, Mulgrew said: "That comes with being manager of Celtic, I’m sure he’s used to these questions.

“Our minds are firmly on the game and what we could have done better, it’s just gutting. We put pressure on ourselves, and we’re all just thinking about our own performance out there and what we could have done differently. That’s life.

“We take full responsibility, the players on the pitch. We didn’t turn up as a team, we didn’t perform.

“We knew what Rangers were going to bring and we never matched it really. We got it to penalties which would have been a good way to win a game, but it’s the opposite when you lose it that way.

“We know over 120 minutes we never done enough. We came to play our best and if we could have put in a better performance then I’m sure it could have been different for us. It’s ifs and buts though.

“You come here and hope not to come off with any regrets, and that’s what we’ve got.”

Rangers did not surprise Celtic. The shock came from how poorly the supposed best team in Scotland responded to the way their rivals attacked them.

Mulgrew said: "We knew that was the way they were going to play. As a team we never did enough.

“That’s life, it’s going to take a lot to get over it but all we can do is look forward. What’s done is done."