A POLLOK footballer has become an internet sensation after footage of his hat-trick was viewed SIX million times in a week.

Before last Tuesday night, Tam Hanlon was barely known outside his friends and family, Pollok supporters and junior football enthusiasts.

But, after netting a stunning hat-trick against Neilston with two spectacular free-kicks and a thunderous long-range strike from open play though, the right-back and full-time joiner is now famed all over the world.

Requests for appearances on television and radio shows have followed, and he admits that his life has become a bit of a whirlwind.

He said things had "gone a bit crazy."

He said: "I certainly didn’t expect all this when it happened.

“I hit the odd free-kick now and again, but not really at that standard so to get them in a hat-trick was pretty special.

“That was it, the ball just kept flying in and it all took off from there.

“The club received an email from Soccer AM to make an appearance. I find that a bit surreal to be honest.

“With us having a game this weekend the gaffer probably wouldn’t let me go anyway which is a bit harsh!

“Richard Keys and Andy Gray are wanting to talk to me as well for TalkSport, so it’s been great fun.

“I’m not used to it, I’m just a guy who plays for Pollok and that’s it!

“I’m on Twitter and my notifications are going mental. There’s that many messages I can’t reply to them all and there’s people following me all the time or adding me and tagging me on Facebook. It’s nice to get a bit of attention.

“I’ve got a wee boy, Lennon, who is six and at school and he’s absolutely loving it. He’s always on YouTube, so he watches his dad on it now instead of freestylers and things like that."

While Hanlon’s head has been in a spin with all of the attention he is receiving, he certainly isn’t get carried away by the adulation.

In fact, he hopes that the main benefit from his feat will be the raising of the profile of his club and the junior game in general.

“I’m not really used to the attention to be honest, but it’s been good,” he said. “I’ve had a bit of banter from the boys and it’s good for the profile of junior football.

“I’m more pleased for Pollok and the junior scene rather than for myself, I’m 34 now so it’s not as if anything can come of it.

“There is good football being played in the juniors. It’s had a bad press over the years and a lot of people seem to look down on it, but a lot of senior boys seem to drop down to the juniors now which has probably helped it as well.

“It’s come on leaps and bounds since I started at 18 or 19, it was a bit more rough and tumble back then!

“Hopefully seeing the video will bring it to the attention of more people and bring more people out to see the games.

“Pollok is a fantastic club and the people behind the scenes are great. The manager Tony McInally and his staff have made a huge difference and the people running the club are great people.

“We’ve got good players and fans, it’s a well-run family club and everything is moving in the right direction.

“Long may that continue.”