IF the planet still exists in 100 years time – and there are many reasons to believe that it won’t – then the answer to almost every pub quiz question will be 2016.

That was the year everyone famous died, Russia took over the world, Britain was destroyed by riots over a missed breakfast and a groping orange moron became the American President.

And speaking of trivia, the name of Inverness Caledonian Thistle might well be the answer to a poser involving Scottish football which is namely; who were the only team to take point from Celtic in the 2016/17 league season?

Now it’s hugely doubtful the leaders – it's surely too early to call them champions elect – can go through a season unbeaten, never mind the more than fanciful notion that they can win the rest of their games.

But unless something dramatic happens, maybe Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin start a war, then no team in Scotland is getting close to Celtic.

Inverness drew with them earlier in the season but even four days after their hosts had played in Germany, even with Celtic missing key players and then losing some during the game, it was 3-0 going on a lot more.

“They are a fantastic side – there’s no hiding from that,” admitted Owain Fon Williams, the Inverness goalkeeper who actually had a good game. They were in the Champions league and then a few days later are playing us.

"We went down to ten men (Greg Tansey was sent off) and that made it easier but they are a fantastic side. There’s no two ways about that.

“We put ourselves about a bit but we wanted to get on the ball a bit more and be better on the ball – but we weren’t good enough and got punished.”

“We wanted to show ‘OK, you can play football, but so can we’. However, they keep the ball for fun and you might not even get a touch when they are like that.”

Fon Williams made a superb first-half save to deny Leigh Griffiths “I got a little finger on it” but even when he got a hand later on to a Moussa Demeble shot, the ball fell kindly to Griffiths who doesn’t tend to miss sitters.

Tansey went off for two yellow cards, his second on Callum McGregor could even have been a straight red, which hardly helped the Highlanders.

“It was very, very difficult,” admitted Fon Williams when asked what it was like to be a goalie in such circumstances. "The last half an hour is tough because they are so strong and have the extra player and come at you wave, after wave.

“We have lost just two in our last ten which is unbelievable for a club like ours. But Celtic are the best team in Scottish football, you come here and you have to fight and prepare for a long afternoon, and with 10 men it becomes constant waves of attack

“It’s tough but you roll up your sleeves and do your best and try to get something but Saturday wasn’t good enough.

“Luck has to be on your side as they have quality throughout. Organisation and to work your socks off is needed as well as things to go your way. That was the case in Inverness when we gave them a real good fight.”