FRAN SANDAZA is on the brink of running out at the Bernabeu and the Nou Camp next season as Girona edge ever closer to a fairy-tale promotion to La Liga.

And the 32-year-old striker believes the stars have aligned for him four years after he was ruthlessly booted out of Rangers in the fourth tier of the Scottish game.

Sandaza is still very bitter that he was kicked out by Charles Green after he revealed details of his contract when he was duped on a prank phone call that was posted on-line.

The former Dundee United and St Johnstone star had been one of Ally McCoist’s marquee signings in that crazy summer of 2012 when Rangers were kicked down to the Third Division.

His face was smashed in a collision with Motherwell’s Shaun Hutchison in a League Cup tie in September and that put him out for four months.

Then Sandaza was suspended and sacked in April 2013 after being caught out by the hoaxer.

He said: “Four years ago I was fired by Rangers in the Third Division and now I’m going to play in the best league in the world.

“It was a terrible decision made by Rangers. I had signed for four years and they didn’t show any patience or loyalty with me.

“I had broken my cheekbone in September in the League Cup game with Motherwell and I was out for four months.

“When I came back I didn’t feel fully fit or that I had enough confidence.

“I think when you have signed a contract for four years then the football club should be more supportive of you as a person because footballers are not machines.

“Before I signed for Rangers I had scored more than 30 goals in the Scottish Premier League so I had an eye for the goal and had qualities to play at that club.

“I trusted them and they became the worst club I have ever played for in my career.

“The treatment I received was terrible – and that was from everyone.

“Nobody connected with the club stuck up for me – not even Ally McCoist.

“No-one said anything and I said goodbye to Scotland as I left through the back door.

“I had been a hero for Dundee United and for St Johnstone and I was treated this way.

“It was really, really bad. It was a shocking way for a club to treat anybody.

“The thing was they had to pay me off because I had a four-year contract.

“I wanted to have a successful career with Rangers and I felt that I could, but it turned out to be a nightmare.

“I don’t consider the prank call as the reason for me getting fired.

“The sick guy who called me was trying to make a joke and it should have been nothing more than that.

“The problem was after because the club took advantage of that situation and that was a terrible thing to do. It was poisonous.

“It’s not revenge, but for all of the people who have been saying bad things about me and my quality as a player my message to them is – look where I am.

“I’m going to play in the best league in the world – where are you?

“That’s life and this is karma. You cannot behave like that to a human being so good things have come to me.”

Girona, who are based 60 miles north of Barcelona near the French border, have six games left to clinch promotion along with runaway leaders Levante.

It will be a lifelong ambition realised for Sandaza, who began his football life in the Valencia B team 15 years ago.

He said: ““We have been so close to winning promotion to La Liga that it has been agony for everybody connected with the club.

“In 2015 we missed out on automatic promotion by one goal. Then we lost in the play-offs to Zaragoza and it was a nightmare for us.

“Last season they reached the play-off final and lost on aggregate to Osasuna when I was playing for a year in Japan.

“Now we have six games to go and we are seven points ahead of third place so if we can win two or three more games we are in La Liga.

“We had not been on a good run. We lost three times at home and I think some anxiety has come into the team because we are so close.

“However, we won 2-1 away to Lugo on Sunday and that has settled things down for us.

“It will be the first time in history that the club will reach La Liga so it will mean so much to the city, to the people and to the club.

“To finally have the chance to play in what I think is the best league in the world would be fantastic.

“For me I have played in many teams in many leagues but I have never played in La Liga so to do that at my age of 32 would be amazing,

“All of my life I have been fighting to get to this stage in my career.

“Being a Real Madrid supporter the ultimate dream for me would be to play in the Bernabeu against all of their superstars.

“I think I deserve it after everything I have gone through in my career.”