SCOTT BROWN is impossible to sum up in a single sentence even for those who are expert in the art of being nifty with words and so it’s best to allow the man himself to describe his character.

“I don’t give a s*** to be fair.”

This was his reply yesterday upon being asked whether, in light of some bad tackles committed on him in recent weeks, whether there was a bullseye on his back. It is his stock answer to more than a few questions.

The Celtic captain was in fine fettle yesterday. It was difficult not to feel a twinge of sympathy for the club’s media officer who chaperoned Brown as he spoke to the newspapers because, when in full flow as he was here, this is someone who honestly doesn’t care what anyone thinks about them.

Not everyone is a fan. However, if there is any justice in this world then the 32-year-old will sweep the board when it comes to handing out this season’s personal awards. He has been the best and most influential player by a distance.

Not that he sees it that way.

Brown joked that if an opponent really wanted to have a detrimental effect on him then “they are better leaving me on the ball,” because his role in the team is the following.

“I’m not going to score a goal or probably play the best ball through, but I am what I am and I’ll just continue to go out and serve it to be people up front and help out those at the back.”

Of course, he is so much more than that; however, Brown played down his role in this Celtic team.

He said: “We’ve got so many good players. James Forrest has been our player of the year by a country mile given how well he’s played – he’s been exceptional after coming through here as a young kid.

“He’s doing it week-in, week-out against quality players and working under a manager who loves him. Seeing the young ones coming through puts a smile on my face more than anything. We have Kieran Tierney as well, who’s been outstanding and I enjoy watching them flourish – it also makes my job so much easier.

“I’ve probably been more consistent this season. I’ve also been injury-free and managed to play in most of the games. We’re winning games and trophies so that’s a good campaign for me. I’m not here to score goals or create chances, but just to help out the rest of the lads and make sure the ball keeps moving in the middle of the park.”

Brown might not win the players award because he’s wound up so many – and he would be happy to be beaten by a team-mate he has been a huge supporters of.

He said: “I’d give it to James because it’s the best season I’ve ever seen him have. He’s scored 16 goals and I’ve never seen him play with a smile on his face as much as he does now.

“Without laughing or joking, I don’t think you should give awards to players who don’t score goals or produce assists so it would be James for me. It’s about time that everyone realised how good he is.

“People say he doesn’t have the quality in the final third but he can go past a man, he’s been scoring goals and that’s shut everyone up. When you look at his stats on and off the park – whether it’s playing or training – it shows he’s just getting better and better. His ball retention is great as well.

“He’s also still young enough that he can hit new levels next season.”

Captain and manager enjoy a close relationship but you get the impression that Brendan Rodgers does not agree with Brown.

He said: “There’s a number of players throughout the season who have done very well, at various clubs. At Celtic, Browny and James have been outstanding. James has scored 16 goals and a fair few assists, and this is on the back of playing important games in Europe, such as Bayern Munich, where he was exceptional.

“Browny would have to be in there for his consistency but James had added that to his game and been outstanding throughout this year. You look at Browny in terms of his personality and his influence whether it was domestically or in the Champions League. I’d think those two would be in the running.”

This has in fact been Brown's best ever season. He turns 33 in June and with Scotland no longer an issue, there is no reason why, with so much more rest, this scoundrel won't be about for a good few more years.

He said: "I just need to go away and get a bit of sun on my back and spend some time with my family. There are weeks on end where we’re in at Lennoxtown every day, whether it’s training or just recovery and then you spend time in hotels for games on top of that. It’s good to have time to chill.

“So I had no regrets after I saw the Scotland boys. I had a golf day planned! I went along because they were staying in Norton House, which is two minutes away from me.

“The plan for me now is to prolong my career, take it year by year and just enjoy my football – I’m currently getting more from it than I have done for years, possibly because it’s coming to an end.

"Everyone talks about me retiring but that won’t be happening for a long time yet.”