ALAN ARCHIBALD was thankful that the laughable decision to disallow a perfectly good Kris Doolan goal did not prevent Partick Thistle from securing a much-needed victory.

Referee Barry Cook ruled out Doolan’s thunderous left-foot strike in 55 minutes on the advice of main stand assistant Jordan Stokoe, who, unlike everyone else in the stadium, had not seen the ball go over the line and bulge the net.

There were chaotic scenes as Thistle celebrations turned to bewilderment and then anger.

However, in the end Chris Erskine’s left-foot volley five minutes earlier proved enough to win against poor Morton, who lost their manager Ray McKinnon less than 24 hours earlier when he jumped ship for Falkirk.

Archibald said: “I’m only calm that we won the game and the decision didn’t cost us.

“I saw it clearly. The shot hit the stanchion and that’s two yards into the net.

“It’s not even close. It’s ridiculous. Everyone in the stadium can see it’s a goal and the reaction of the players proves that.

“Look, the linesman has made a mistake but the other two must have seen he has made a glaring error and they can over-rule him.

“I saw the net ripple and the next thing it’s a throw to us because one of their players has taken the ball out of the net and thumped it out of play.

The Morton players, despite being left in the lurch by McKinnon, were a credit to the club the way they adapted to a strange situation in which caretaker Derek Anderson, the head of youth, had no time to prepare them.

Indeed, if Denny Johnstone had scored with an excellent opportunity in the third minute this match might have had a different outcome.

Anderson admitted anger remains within the dressing room and he confirmed that he has no interest in being courted as a replacement.

Caretaker Derek Anderson: “It was a whirlwind. We didn’t get any time to work with the players but spoke to the more experienced ones in the dressing room.

“We just met the players today and had a quick chat about attitude and staying in the game. And we did that.

“At the end of the day, you don’t get to pick your opportunities in football they come along. Ray got an opportunity and decided to act on it. That’s his decision.

“Acrimony in dressing room? The lads were not too happy. That’s football.

“We have no game and a week off has come at the right time. That will give the club time to get a new manager. I am not interested in it. I’ve got a job.”