KIERAN Tierney revealed Celtic asked Motherwell to give them a ‘free goal’ to make up for Gboly Ariyibi’s controversial strike and accused the Fir Park outfit of lacking respect.

The left-back admitted that he had never played in a game when a player, as James Scott did, failed to go along with the unwritten rule of giving the ball back to the opposition after they kicked it out so a player could receive medical attention.

Tierney, back in the side after two months, was left gobsmacked and then furious when Motherwell made it 2-1 at Celtic Park.

He said: “The only time I’ve seen a goal like Motherwell’s was a clip on Facebook but they actually gave them a goal back because they didn’t mean it.

“It’s mental. We actually suggested Motherwell give us a goal back because everyone thought it would happen and you would think someone in their team would have said ‘fair enough, give them a goal’.

“There was a bit of confusion and the way we centred the ball we had walked into their half as if to say ‘we’re going to score here’ but they started pressing so we had to try and keep the ball again.

“That’s just football, it’s fair play. Everyone respects everyone on the pitch but in that situation there was no respect.

“The right back Liam Grimshaw threw it over my head so I just turned round to pass it back to Scott Bain but the boy (Scott) ran onto it and sprinted and shot.

“I actually spoke to Scott Bain after the game and he said he wasn’t sure if he was going to shoot or pass it back to him but he shot, Bainy saved it and they scored from the rebound.

“I’ve never seen it before but there was no respect. They went and celebrated and there’s nothing we could do but show a reaction.”

Motherwell captain Richard Tait admitted he was not about to allow Celtic to walk up the park and make it 3-1.

He said: “No, it never came into my head. That probably makes the situation a little bit more farcical, if you let someone go on and score. Maybe if the referee had said to someone, possibly.

“They were very upset and I was just trying to defuse it and tell them he’d obviously not realised. I can’t speak for James, he’s a young boy and he’s probably not seen the ball getting kicked out by them.

“He’s not going to go and try to score if they’ve put the ball out and he’s realised that’s happened. Liam put the ball down the line for the ‘keeper to come and get it, James has latched on to it, and we’ve scored.

“Is it a rule we have to give it back? I'd say 99percent of the time you put the ball out of play, you get it back, don’t you.

“It probably should have happened but James hasn’t realised and we’ve went and scored from it. It didn’t have an outcome on the game, apart from the 15-20 minutes when we were in control of the game, because they were rattled and we got our tails up because of it.

"They won 4-1. I’m sure he realises what might come as a result of it but people have to realise that he’s genuinely not meant it, he’s obviously not realised. And in the grand scheme of things the outcome didn’t depend on it.”

Away from the controversy, the performance by Celtic’s 18-year-old Ewan Henderson was a highlight of another important win.

Tierney said: “Ewan was magnificent and he dug deep after Motherwell’s goal. I watched him make a run up the right wing and he didn’t get it and then he was back at left back helping out Jonny Hayes.

“He’s technically amazing and one of the best youngsters I’ve seen but he’s also got the dirty side of the game where he can work and tackle.

“I was delighted for him getting the man of the match. He’s been around us for a year or two now and I’ve seen he can do it in training every day but it’s been about waiting for his chance.

“There’s a lot of players in his position and it would be hard for any young boy coming through at any club but he’s waited and done his time and performed and got his rewards for it.